Unge voksne fra Trondheim på hyttetur til Hitra!

Imagine a fantastic experience – a cabin trip to beautiful Hitra with a lovely group from St. Augustin! 🌞🏝️ We were a total of 17 people who went on the trip, a diverse mix of young students, families with children, and people from different countries and cultures. We even had a priest with us!
It was a wonderful trip, filled with laughter, fun, and great nature experiences in the wild coastal landscape of Hitra. Spending quality time together at the cabin, whether you are young, a student, or a family with young children, Norwegian or foreign, really bonds a group and creates lasting memories.

Together, we experienced cabin magic at its best, with fresh air, hikes in the terrain, songs sung from various countries, and camaraderie from morning till night.
We started the weekend with a mass on Friday evening, and the atmosphere was great right from the start! 🎉 Saturday was spent exploring all the incredible things Hitra has to offer. Some went on a trip around the island 🏞️🌿, discovering the most breathtaking spots, while others jumped on board a boat to try their luck at fishing. And what a catch it was – dinner was secured! 🎣🍽️ Some of us even spotted one to three sea eagles. 🦅

But it didn’t stop there! For lunch, we were served an Indian dish that was so flavorful and amazing that our taste buds danced with joy and tears! 🍛💃

The nature on Hitra is just absolutely stunning, with fjords and landscapes that take your breath away. Some chose to enjoy the view of the captivating fjord, while others went on explorations in the magnificent nature.
And as if that weren’t enough, we also had an incredibly fascinating and wise priest who shared so many thought-provoking stories and insights with us. He even held a session on anger and forgiveness that really got us all thinking. 🙏✨ We concluded with Divine Mercy Sunday mass.

All in all, it was a weekend filled to the brim with laughter, joy, friendship, learning, and unforgettable experiences. We are certain that everyone went home with a bag full of good memories and new friendships.

Without those who supported us, we would not have been able to carry out this trip. Thanks to NUK for the support you gave us for this trip, and to Trondheim Diocese for letting us borrow their cars. And thank you to both for supporting our youth/young adult work! 🫶🏼

Thanks to everyone who joined the trip, and we’ll see you again every Thursday at St. Olav’s Cathedral in Trondheim! 🫶🏼

St. Augsustin unge voksne